London based toyhacker ,sculptor and model deformer WEBBO presents his debut solo show and unofficial book launch at the Crowsnest Gallery in West London from the 30th November till 2nd of December. Old toys, war figures ,model scenery and raw materials are crafted into a twisted parody of our own world .A mixture of sculpture, painting ,model making ,casting and converting techniques all combine to create a nightmare wonderland of gold-framed political dystopias, luxury war machines, modified snow globes, installations, underworld temples ,rat kings and various colourful rioting characters. The show is part of breXmas ,an Artcore International event with Christmas art market ,bar and group show featuring some of the top names in sculpture, painting, photography and street art including Dotmasters ,Giles Walker, Carrie Reichardt, Darren Cullen, Pete Dunne ,Nick Reynolds, Trust Icon,The Krah, Code fc and Chu. Ideal for art buyers and Christmas shoppers looking for alternative gifts.The event takes place over 2 weekends within walking distance of Portobello Market . Webbo will be selling copy’s of his100 page full colour book “Toyhacker” as well as sculptures, posters ,ornaments, art toys ,badges and snow globes. 30th November till 2nd December The Crowsnest Gallery 3-5 Crowthorne Road W10 6RP In association with Graffik Gallery and Artcore International facebook;toyhacker

webbo poster small


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